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The Australian Learning Communities Network Inc (ALCN) is a national network of leading-edge practitioners building sustainable communities using learning as the key element.

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ALCN Webinar and AGM – Australian Learning Cities Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

11 May 2021

Keynote speaker Peter Kearns, AO

Peter Kearns, AO, spoke about Learning Cities in Australia and how this movement has evolved over the years, ranging from the initial development in the past, to how we can look to tomorrow for true change and impact. Peter wrote a background paper  where he suggested 12 steps towards a sustainable future for learning cities. He says that now is the time to start a renaissance movement of learning communities and learning cities in Australia.

Jac Torres-Gomez from Wyndham City Council then spoke about Empathy Partnerships and the role this plays in supporting strong, sustainable learning cities.

Dr Leone Wheeler, Hon. CEO, ALCN, facilitated the discussion.

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Ripples April Newsletter

Read the latest ALCN newsletter which provides more detailed information about the AGM and Webinar, a visit to Gwydir Learning Region, and the dynamic work of our learning practitioners

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Global Learning Festival 2021

The second Global Learning Festival 2021 will be held from 8-11 November 2021.

For further information go to If you want to participate on the Working Party or contribute to an event please contact Diane Tabbagh, Coordinator Learning Community, Wyndham City Council,

Feature Story – Enable Social Enterprises – Renew Tech for Good Initiative

Hume Learning Community

Written by Julie Mckay, Founder and Director, Enable Australia

Since 2015, Enable have supported hundreds of people from disadvantaged backgrounds to connect with community, environment, and improve their prospects of employment through innovative work and learning programs.

Enable operate commercially in the Computer decommissioning and recycling, warehousing, fulfilment and storage and Online Retailing sectors with 100% of the profits from trade re-invested to operate and support a total of nine (9) work and learning stations to support participants with skill-building, confidence, and career decision-making.

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Feature Paper – Learning Cities in Australia – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Written by Peter Kearns, AO

It is salutary to reflect on the things we do from time to time, especially when this involves worthwhile ideas such as learning cities. Even the most worthy of ideals date with the passage of time so we need to reflect, and discuss, how we revitalise our ideals in this turbulent world of disruptive changes.

I have been involved in the development of learning cities in Australia from the early days. This included ten years on the Board of the Hume Global Learning Village, so I observed the impact of this vision of the Hume community over some time. I have then been involved in the development of learning cities and neighbourhoods in various parts of the world – especially East Asia and Western Europe – through my work for the PASCAL International Observatory. This included founding the PASCAL PIE program of Exchanges between Learning Cities, and EcCoWell as an approach to integrated and holistic development. This experience guides my thinking on the future, and my reflections on the Australian story of learning cities.

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What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is one that address its own learning needs through partnership. It uses the strengths of individual, social and institutional relationships across sectors to bring about cultural shifts in the perceptions of the value of learning. Learning communities explicitly use learning to enhance social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions on a sustainable, inclusive basis.

Image: Ballarat Work and Learning Centre receiving certificates for a cooking class.

ALCN acknowledges the Traditional Custodians, and their Ancestors and Elders, past and present, of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business.