Donna Goldie

Executive Member, Townsville, Queensland

Donna Goldie is a dedicated educator who holds a deep interest in fostering inclusive and engaging learning spaces. She has gained valuable teaching experience in various educational settings across Townsville, the Gulf of Carpentaria and Brisbane, Queensland. Donna's teaching journey has encompassed primary schools, non-government organisations and universities, allowing her to appreciate the diverse nature of learning environments. Donna has also made significant contributions to educational research. Her research portfolio includes exploring topics such as cyberbullying in higher education, identifying student enablers of mental health and wellness, investigating student ethical engagement, and delving into teaching academic philosophies of practice with a focus on student engagement for her recent Ph.D. study. In 2022, Donna embarked on an exciting new role for her as the Coordinator [of] Learning and Information Services with the Townsville City Council's Citylibraries. In this position, she actively supports the Townsville community by providing access to a diverse range of programs and resources that cater to different ages, interests and needs. Donna's commitment to fostering inclusive learning opportunities is evident as she works diligently to empower individuals through education.